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2023 Triumphs and 2024 Optimism with Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick

When Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan joined forces as co-owners of 23XI Racing in 2021, their goal was to position themselves as championship contenders by 2025.

Since their inception, the team has shown promising progress, securing five victories over three years and clinching a spot in the playoffs in 2023.

The pinnacle of 23XI Racing’s journey thus far came in 2023, a historic year for the team. With new driver Tyler Reddick at the helm, the team celebrated two race victories and a berth in the Playoff Round of 8. Meanwhile, the longstanding driver Bubba Wallace, though winless, impressed by making it to the Round of 12. As they enter the 2024 season, Denny Hamlin and the entire 23XI team are brimming with optimism for their drivers.

Hamlin, expressing high expectations, envisions Tyler Reddick, with his considerable potential, making it to the Championship 4. While acknowledging the need for improvement on certain tracks, such as Martinsville, Hamlin sees Reddick as one of the top ten contenders for the 2024 championship.

Discussing Reddick’s challenges, Hamlin mentioned, “Reddick came up, I think the short tracks — he knows he’s got to improve on the short tracks. That’s a big part of getting to the Championship 4.” Despite struggles at tracks like Martinsville and Phoenix, Hamlin remains confident in Reddick’s abilities, stating, “Certainly the talent is there.”

As teams gear up for the 2024 season, major changes in car design were implemented by Ford and Toyota, considering the Next-Gen regulations. These alterations necessitate teams to focus on optimizing their aero packages once again.

In light of these changes, Reddick expressed confidence in the 23XI crew’s ability to adapt. He emphasized that the revamped Next-Gen Camry, despite its alterations, is not a cause for concern. Reddick believes that while there may be minor discrepancies between the tunnel and the track, it won’t be anything substantial.

Reflecting on the upcoming season, Reddick assured, “I think if anything, there’s always a chance it could be off a couple of numbers here or there from the tunnel to the track, but I don’t think it’ll be anything crazy. So, for me, it’s not even a concern.

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