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Assessing Potential NBA Trade Moves: Players to Watch Before the 2024 Deadline

The 2024 NBA trade deadline appears to be relatively calm, influenced by factors such as early major trades by Toronto and injuries affecting potential trade candidates like Zach LaVine. Nevertheless, there are five players who should remain prepared to relocate before Thursday’s deadline without committing to a long-term arrangement.

  1. Kelly Olynyk, currently with the Utah Jazz, stands out due to his age (32) and expiring $12.1 million contract. Despite mainly serving as a bench player this season, Olynyk’s remarkable 4.4 assists per game and impressive 42.9 percent three-point shooting make him a desirable asset. Utah’s recent trade moves suggest they’re inclined to sell rather than buy, potentially leading to Olynyk’s departure.
  2. Bruce Brown, a member of the Toronto Raptors, is sought after for his potential contribution and the team’s reluctance to exercise his hefty player option for the following season. His skill set makes him a good fit for teams like the New York Knicks, who have expressed interest in acquiring him alongside their extra first-round draft picks.
  3. Andre Drummond, currently playing for the Chicago Bulls, remains a dominant rebounder despite the changing dynamics of the modern game. However, his limited shooting ability and redundancy with Nikola Vucevic on the Bulls’ roster diminish his value to the team.
  4. Tyus Jones of the Washington Wizards offers valuable qualities as a point guard despite his defensive shortcomings. With an expiring contract and the Wizards in a rebuilding phase, Jones could find a new home with a contender seeking stability at the position.
  5. Cory Joseph, part of the Golden State Warriors, has become expendable with the emergence of younger players like Lester Quinones and Brandin Podziemski. Moving Joseph would not only alleviate the team’s luxury tax burden but also enable them to secure Quinones on a cost-effective contract. The Warriors may offer a second-round pick to facilitate Joseph’s trade to a suitable team.
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