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Barcelona are still a long way from becoming the team they want to be. The Catalan club’s severe financial constraints prevent them from simply adding players to their squad in line with their main goals. Barcelona has, meanwhile, also developed a number of substitute approaches.

Nevertheless, La Blaugrana have succeeded in fortifying their position to some degree in spite of evident financial challenges. Even Vitor Roque was signed and registered by the team in time for the 2024 season opener. Barcelona’s future goals are much more ambitious.

Estevao Willian is one of the names that will be mentioned in those upcoming plans. Barcelona is now determined to bring the sensational young player from Brazil to Spain.

The 16-year-old offensive midfielder, known by his nickname “Messinho,” is a huge fan of Barça. Messinho would be delighted to join FC Barcelona, just as the club would love to have him. But a lot of European clubs would be interested in signing him, not only the Catalans.

Though Barcelona first thought his integration would be challenging, they are now prepared to go after their youthful target once more. It will still be a difficult goal for the team to achieve, though. The Brazilian’s release clause is still in place, and Barcelona is currently hardly able to meet it at €60 million.

However, Barça would have signed the player sooner if they hadn’t encountered financial difficulties. They are, however, aware of the child’s ambition to play for the Blaugranas.

Actually, the player and his representative think FC Barcelona is the best environment for him to advance. As a result, it’s said that Estevao Willian and his present squad, Palmeiras, have an understanding respecting his desire to join Barcelona. Furthermore, the Brazilian group is prepared to accept this arrangement, but they would prefer that Barça initiate talks first.

With Palmeiras, Barça expects to reach an agreement on a delayed payment for theyoung starlet. He cannot relocate to Europe until he turns 18 years old, under FIFA regulations. This implies that Estevao’s true window of opportunity to travel to Spain would close in 2025. For precisely this reason, Barça themselves would prefer to pay for the player in installments.

Barcelona hopes to make the hypothetical payment, whatever it may be, in installments before 2025. Palmeiras and Barcelona acknowledge the authenticity of the young man’s wishes, knowing that he has their support.

The only thing that worries Barcelona is that another team might step in and distract Palmeiras with an absurd offer. It would be wise for Barcelona to formally come to an arrangement with the Brazilian team because of this.

Yachiga Tavershima
Yachiga Tavershima
Soccer Blogger with a keen eye for detailed reportage. I bring the latest drama in the most dramatic way


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