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Bauer Offers Bargain: MLB Teams Consider Pitching Ace at Discounted Rate

Trevor Bauer is offering his services to MLB teams at a potentially discounted rate. Gary Sheffield Jr., son of former MLB player Gary Sheffield, advocated for teams to seize this opportunity, as Bauer is open to signing for a lower price.

Bauer echoed Sheffield’s sentiment in a retweet, emphasizing that while players like Blake Snell command significant contracts, he could be a cost-effective option for teams seeking to avoid long-term commitments and hefty financial investments.

Bauer proposed that teams could secure his services for the league minimum salary, without additional financial burden, providing them with another avenue to bolster their roster without overspending. Securing Bauer on a league minimum salary with performance-based incentives could greatly benefit a team.

In recent MLB seasons, Bauer has showcased impressive performance, boasting a 2.24 ERA in 28 starts over his last two seasons and winning the NL Cy Young Award in 2020 with a remarkable 1.73 ERA. Despite a hiatus from MLB, his skills remained sharp during his stint in Japan.

However, potential concerns for teams considering Bauer include the public backlash and media scrutiny related to his past legal issues. There’s also the risk of new allegations surfacing after signing the 33-year-old. Nevertheless, for teams willing to navigate these challenges, Bauer presents an opportunity to acquire a talented pitcher at a bargain price.

Yachiga Tavershima
Yachiga Tavershima
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