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Decisions Ahead: The Green Bay Packers’ Left Tackle Conundrum and Financial Maneuvering

The Green Bay Packers have a history of success in discovering talented offensive linemen during the later rounds of the NFL Draft, stretching back to the early 1990s with players like Adam Timmerman and Marco Rivera, and continuing into the 2000s and 2010s with names such as Josh Sitton, Corey Linsley, and David Bakhtiari.

In 2022, there’s a possibility that the Packers have once again struck gold with Zach Tom and Rasheed Walker. While Tom showcased his versatility by excelling at right tackle as a rookie, Walker took some time to find his footing. However, he demonstrated significant improvement in 2023, particularly in relief of Bakhtiari, who has been grappling with knee issues stemming from his ACL tear in 2020.

Now, the Packers are confronted with a crucial decision regarding Bakhtiari, which will have substantial ramifications. Bakhtiari’s contract will incur a hefty salary cap hit of over $40 million in 2024, but releasing him could save the team approximately $21 million in cap space.

This potential move holds significance for a team facing some cap constraints, although they have several options to create space for the upcoming season. Nonetheless, none of these options are likely to yield as much room as parting ways with Bakhtiari, which would provide ample flexibility to pursue impactful free agents at other positions.

Beyond the financial implications, moving on from Bakhtiari would likely indicate a commitment to Walker as the starting left tackle. However, it would also underscore the need for additional depth at the tackle position, possibly prompting the team to consider drafting another developmental prospect in the later rounds.

With the quarterback situation seemingly resolved with Jordan Love stepping in, the left tackle position emerges as one of the team’s most significant decisions for 2024 and beyond. Ideally, this decision would be made before the onset of free agency, setting the stage for the team’s offseason moves.

There’s speculation that parting ways with Bakhtiari, given his substantial cap hit, appears logical, potentially paving the way for Walker to assume the role unless the team opts to address the position early in the draft.

Walker’s sophomore season provided him with an opportunity to prove himself for the long-term role, and he largely impressed. His ability to find a calm and focused mindset before games seemed to contribute to his high-level performances.

In addition, there are discussions about various potential moves that could significantly impact the Packers’ salary cap situation, with the possibility of freeing up even more funds by moving on from Bakhtiari not being explicitly mentioned in one article.

Meanwhile, Jordan Love’s breakout performance in the latter half of the season is highlighted, showcasing his notable plays that contributed to the team’s success.

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