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DeMar DeRozan Criticizes Referees and Stresses Fairness in NBA Officiating

In his postgame interview with NBA journalists, DeMar DeRozan voiced his criticism towards the referees officiating the Chicago Bulls–Milwaukee Bucks matchup. He pointed out the significant difference in free throw attempts, with the Bucks shooting 32 compared to the Bulls’ 16.

DeRozan emphasized the need for fairness in officiating, expressing frustration at what he perceived as inconsistent calls favoring the Bucks, particularly in terms of foul calls. Despite his efforts, DeRozan, known for his scoring prowess, had a subpar performance with 12 points and nine assists, feeling hindered by what he saw as biased officiating.

DeRozan highlighted instances where he believed his team was unfairly disadvantaged, citing examples where his teammate Coby White seemed to be fouled without receiving calls, while similar plays by the Bucks were rewarded. He expressed a desire for a level playing field, urging referees to allow physicality on both ends of the court.

The frustration reached a boiling point for DeRozan when, with 31 seconds left in the third quarter, he committed a flagrant-one foul on Bobby Portis, accompanied by a technical foul, due to what he perceived as disrespectful behavior from Portis. DeRozan emphasized his disdain for unnecessary theatrics on the court, asserting his commitment to respect in the game and his unwillingness to tolerate perceived disrespect from opponents.

Yachiga Tavershima
Yachiga Tavershima
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