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Dodgers Dugout Dodgers Hall of Fame: Unveiling the 2024 Inductees and Insights into Dodgers Greats

Last month, I invited your participation in our third annual “Dodgers Dugout Dodgers Hall of Fame” by voting for candidates. Astoundingly, we received 26,573 ballots, more than twice the number from the previous year, showcasing your remarkable engagement. The turnout rivaled that of entire cities during elections.

Following the tallying of ballots, two individuals garnered over 75% of the votes and secured their induction into the esteemed 2024 class. It’s worth noting the distinction between the players and non-players lists, where voters could cast up to 12 and six votes, respectively.

Let’s delve into the outcomes without further delay. The percentage in brackets represents the candidate’s presence on last year’s ballots.

Malley (79.4%): Acknowledged for his pivotal role in establishing the Dodgers Dugout Hall of Fame in L.A., O’Malley was a unanimous choice.

Pee Wee Reese (76.3%): Reese’s long-awaited election leaves only three Dodgers players from the official Hall of Fame absent in ours.

Among those who narrowly missed the threshold of 75%:

  • Don Sutton (70.1%): Despite his impressive pitching record, Sutton struggles to gain the recognition he deserves.
  • Steve Garvey (63.3%): A debate arises over whether Garvey or Gil Hodges stands as the premier Dodgers first baseman.
  • Jaime Jarrín (58.9%): His delayed entry is seen as a significant oversight given his contributions.
  • Ron Cey (58.1%): Cey’s underrated status continues to gain traction, reflecting growing support.
  • Don Newcombe (55.4%): Newcombe’s off-field efforts to aid struggling teammates add weight to his candidacy alongside his pitching prowess.
  • Mike Piazza (52%): Contemplation ensues regarding the trajectory of Dodgers history had Piazza not been traded.

Other notable vote recipients include Red Barber, Peter O’Malley, and Davey Lopes, each reflecting varying degrees of support.

The article outlines the diverse spectrum of candidates and provides insights into their standings based on the votes received. Additionally, it sets the stage for next year’s additions to the ballot while summarizing the esteemed members of the Dodgers Dugout Dodgers Hall of Fame.

Moreover, the piece delves into recent comments from Mookie Betts and Clayton Kershaw, offering perspectives on their respective approaches to the game and their future with the Dodgers.

In conclusion, the article encapsulates the fervor and intricacies surrounding the Dodgers Dugout Dodgers Hall of Fame while shedding light on the current landscape of Dodgers baseball.

Yachiga Tavershima
Yachiga Tavershima
Soccer Blogger with a keen eye for detailed reportage. I bring the latest drama in the most dramatic way


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