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Nadal’s Ambitious Move: Transforming Tennis in Saudi Arabia Amid Controversy…

Rafael Nadal recently faced criticism for accepting the role of tennis ambassador for Saudi Arabia, a country often under scrutiny for its laws. Despite the backlash, Nadal is determined to make a positive impact during his time there.

The Spanish tennis legend has committed to promoting the sport in Saudi Arabia by establishing a tennis academy and encouraging the country’s involvement in tennis on an international level.

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Although this decision stirred controversy due to Saudi Arabia’s human rights issues, some players supported Nadal, anticipating potential financial benefits for the tennis community.

During a recent interview with Copa, Nadal addressed concerns about LGBTQ+ inclusion at his academy, emphasizing its all-inclusive nature. However, he expressed uncertainty about how this aligns with the country’s laws.

“In my Academy, they won’t have problems; in the country, I don’t know. The problem exists, but I am committed to preventing it from happening,” Nadal explained.

Recognizing that change takes time, Nadal sees his role as an ambassador and the establishment of the academy as opportunities to bring about improvements.

He aims to address issues that need attention and hopes that, over time, discussions about these concerns will diminish.

“Things cannot be changed from today to tomorrow. The objective is to eliminate these debates in six, eight, or ten years. I want to contribute to ensuring that these discussions are not ongoing in the future. If this doesn’t happen, I’ll be disappointed,” Nadal stated.




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