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New England Patriots Apply Transition Tag to Dugger: Negotiations and Implications

The Patriots have chosen to utilize the transition tag on Dugger, granting them the right to match any offers he receives in free agency. If Dugger opts to play under this one-year transition tag in the upcoming season, it will come with a $13.8 million cap hit for 2024, as negotiations for a lengthier contract continue. This decision was made instead of employing the full franchise tag, which would have incurred a cost of approximately $17 million.

It’s worth noting that only one of the franchise or transition tags can be applied per offseason, resulting in the versatile OL Mike Onwenu not being tagged. Consequently, Onwenu is expected to explore opportunities in the open market once the free agency tampering window opens on March 11. Taylor Kyles from CLNS Media offers insights into the potential implications for Onwenu’s return.

Patriots Head Coach Jerod Mayo issued a statement regarding the decision to give Dugger the transition tag, highlighting Dugger’s talent, work ethic, and continual improvement since joining the team in 2020. Mayo emphasized the team’s appreciation for players of high character and expressed the desire to pursue a long-term agreement with Dugger, hence the use of the transition designation to allow for further negotiation.

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