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Race to the Bottom: Toronto Raptors’ Draft Pick Dilemma

The Memphis Grizzlies are now close to achieving their goal. The Toronto Raptors may not openly acknowledge it, but the prospect of aiming for the sixth-worst record is becoming a tangible option for them. They are trailing just one game behind Memphis in the reverse standings of the league.

With two consecutive wins for the Grizzlies and two losses for Toronto, the Raptors find themselves within striking distance of the sixth-worst record, increasing their chances of securing a top-six pick in the upcoming draft to 46%. The next 48 hours will play a pivotal role in this scenario.

Memphis is set to face the Trae Young-less Atlanta Hawks, while Toronto is scheduled to take on Portland, currently the fifth-worst team in the league. This situation holds significant weight because of Toronto’s obligation to convey a top-six protected pick to the San Antonio Spurs, stemming from last season’s trade involving Jakob Poeltl.

If Toronto maintains its position as the seventh-worst team entering the draft lottery, the chances of retaining the pick are only 32%. However, slipping below Memphis could boost those odds by nearly 14%. It’s also important to monitor the Brooklyn Nets’ situation.

Although they have no incentive to tank due to trading away their first-round pick unprotected, they are just two games behind Toronto with the eighth-worst record in the NBA. Should they surpass Toronto, the Raptors’ chances of keeping their pick would decrease to 26.3%. In case of a tie in the season’s final records, a coin toss will determine the lottery odds between the two teams.

Yachiga Tavershima
Yachiga Tavershima
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